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Our daily DM connects you with interesting people who are likely to engage back. Use it to market your business, build a brand, land a job, or simply find your circle.

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Twitter for professional networking & development.

Strong professional networks can help you find a job, earn a higher salary, find career advice, develop professionally, fundraise for your startup, and much more. With its accessibility, openness, and authenticity, Twitter a powerful tool for professional networking with goals like these.*

Even if you’re posting great content however, it can be hard for people to find you.

Hum uses smart filters to find the real people who would appreciate you, your work, your tweets, services, and products. We also show the best of the content they’ve posted and the most popular tweets in your niche.

Get more followers on Twitter and well as supporters and potential business opportunities by engaging with people first on a daily basis.

* According to Forbes Magazine


The hard-working helper that saves you time.

Hum spends the day finding people & content for you in the background based on some settings like brands you aspire to be like. You’ll receive a direct message every day full of valuable information collected just for your account.


Set up your account.

Tell us your personal & professional interests and more. We use these insights to find your specific circles of people on Twitter.


Personalized daily DM.

Every day we send you a personalized direct message that includes a people worth following and popular tweets in your niche.


Meet new people.

We’ll find people into the same things as you with around the same number of followers as you. Continue posting content and being helpful.


Find interesting content.

As you interact with other people's content meaningfully, your personal brand, network, and pool of opportunities will grow.


How am I supposed to use this?

Build a network of people with similar interests or your ideal audience or customers. You can change your settings at any time, so try weekly campaigns. Pin a tweet that mirrors your campaign settings for maximum effectiveness.

Are you making me a spammer?

No, we believe the key to social media success is genuine interaction. That’s why we don’t automate any engagement for you. We only present opportunities for interaction—the rest is up to you.

How many followers will I get?

We can’t guarantee followers and don’t pretend to. It depends on many factors like the content you post. Use a real photo of yourself as your profile photo, post your work, and remember networking is about quality not quantity.

Can I control who I follow?

Yes, we’ll find many people daily with your interests, selecting up to 10 most relevant for you but it’s up to you who you follow. You’ll be able to see their Twitter profile before you decide to follow or not.

How much time will this cost me?

Once a day you’ll get a direct message. Carrying through the actions to help you be successful on Twitter, such as replying to tweets, should take no more than 15 minutes of your day.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, we support multiple accounts! Each account is billed monthly, separately. Simply sign up again on this page. If you are an agency interested in bulk pricing, please contact us.

How do I manage my subscription?

You can change your campaign settings and update/cancel your subscription from your welcome email after signup. Want us to manage your campaign for you? Choose the Business plan at checkout to get the best results in the shortest time.

What's the price?

All plans include a 7-day free trial and start at $6 monthly. The business plan is $21 monthly and includes campaign management to optimize for sales, signups, or what you need. These tiers are only suggestions—choose the plan that works best for your needs.

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