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  • Norman Owens
  • @n_owens2
  • #fashion #style #strut
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  • Johnny Jackson
  • @jacksonJohn
  • #clothes #money #shopping #style
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  • Judith Newton
  • @jnewton
  • #parisfashionweek #outfit #todaysoutfit #workit
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  • Charlie Morris
  • @ChaMo
  • #money #fashion #paris #splurging
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  • Carol Jones
  • @cjones312
  • #fashion #style #love #clothes
@handle copy 2
  • Marilyn Espinoza
  • @espin_mar
  • #workit #style #fashionweek #chanel
@handle copy 2
  • Martin T. Barnes
  • @mtb_tweets
  • #money #brand #clothes #fashions #things
@handle copy 2
  • Mary Brennan
  • @bren_mary
  • #brandnew #clothes #haul #goodhaul
@handle copy 2
  • Carrie Wingate
  • @carriewingate
  • #brandname #clothes #whiteparty #styles
@handle copy 2
  • Jerold Price
  • @jeroldp
  • #couture #fashionshow #losangeles #fashion2015


Connect with people who matter.

Even if you’re posting great content, it can be hard for people to find you on Twitter.

Hum uses smart filters find the thousands of real people who would appreciate your tweets, services, and products—plus the best of the content they’ve posted, the most popular tweets in your niche, and your unnoticed mentions.

Get more fans, followers, and activity on a daily basis by engaging with people first.

  • Jerold Price favorited Nick Cil's tweet
  • Jerold Price
  • We were just featured in a local newspaper as having the best coffee in town!
  • Nick Cil retweeted your tweet
  • Sam Grey replied OMG congrats! 🎉 I love your cold brew!


The hard-working helper that saves you time.

Hum spends the day finding people and content for you in the background based on a few settings such as brands you aspire to be like. You’ll receive a newsletter every day full of valuable information collected just for your brand.


New people & followers.

We use this space in the newsletter to introduce valuable people for you to follow and the new followers you have received since yesterday.


Popular content.

Reply, favorite, or retweet to send warm wishes, express gratitude, or just to share some great new content with your followers.


Your unnoticed mentions.

Receive a run-down of the mentions you haven’t replied to yet and the option to reply to them all on one page. A helpful reminder to keep engaged.


A simple-to-use dashboard.

You’ll be able to track your growth, change settings any time, and interact with all the people and tweets we find for you from the dashboard.


Are you making me a spammer?

No, we believe the key to social media success is genuine interaction. That’s why we don’t automate any interaction for you. We only present opportunities for interaction—the rest is up to you.

Can I control who I follow?

Yes, we’ll find hundreds of people with relevant interests for you per day, but it’s up to you who you follow. You’ll be able to see their bio and Twitter profile before you decide to follow or not.

How many followers will I get?

We can’t guarantee followers and don’t pretend to. However, we’ve seen people receive between 300-1000 new followers per month using Hum. This depends on many factors, including the content you post.

Who's behind this?

Hum was started by a very small team of designers, developers, and marketers in Los Angeles, California. We’ll write more about us soon! Meanwhile, you can follow our thoughts on @humhelps.

How much time will this cost me?

Once a day you’ll get an email reminding you to check out your Hum dashboard. Going through the dashboard and carrying through the actions to help you be successful on Twitter, such as replying to mentions, should take no more than 15 minutes of your day.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, we support multiple accounts! Each account is billed monthly, separately. If you’re an agency or consultancy interested in using Hum, please feel free to contact us for any help or just to chat.

Do you have an app?

We don’t have an app yet. One is coming soon. In the meanwhile, be assured the dashboard and email newsletter are mobile-friendly.

Do you offer reports?

Comprehensive reports are coming soon. (Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.) For now, you’ll be able to see your daily progress through the email newsletter.

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